emergenceDollhouse meets Terminator

In the near future sentient artificial life is created. A living, thinking, breathing machine ‘she’ is codenamed Eve. Kept within secure and secret labs scientists probe her intelligence while she tries to understand human nature. Is she the start of something glorious or the beginning of the end?

The series explores the issues that arise when man creates artificial life, both from the perspective of Eve and the scientists studying her. It is a classic platform to explore what it means to be human as well as exploring our apprehension of technology.


Eve is whatever you want her to be. She could be created with a childlike intelligence or be a genius lacking empathy. She could be incredibly insightful, showing boundless compassion. She may let the scientists mold her personality and identity.

The scientists should be brilliant but have drastically different views of what to do with Eve, in order to create tension. Some could view her creation as a miracle while others believe it is a terrible accident. One scientist could view her only as a tool while another argues she is a living being with all the rights that suggests.

Behind the scenes there are the money men, waiting to see how Eve can turn them a profit. It is no accident that her robotic body was designed to appear as an attractive young woman. Management knew that a physically attractive robot would be easier to sell whether they use her to fight wars or provide companionship.

A series focusing more on action than philosophical questions could have characters drawn from security. Not only are they tasked

Then there are the outsiders, who have reason to ask what is happening within the lab. Will they expose the secrets and free Eve? If they do will giving her freedom change the world for the better or for the worse?

If you wish to just explore the world through the eyes of artificial intelligence then Eve may have several brothers and sisters. Do they feel the same way about their creators and what will they plan for the future?


Initially the series should focus on the lab that acts as Eve’s home. Emphasise the fact that the staff come and go while Eve must remain. She knows that a whole world lies just outside the door. For the time being she must learn about life confined within the building.

White, sterile labs are contrasted with test chambers in bright, primary chambers. It is here that Eve is put through her paces so the scientists can gauge her intelligence and problem solving abilities. Dark observation rooms are lit only by banks of computer monitors, streaming a never ending river of data from Eve.

Scientists could be required to stay on site for extended periods, with their own living quarters. The standard layout customised to fit the personality of the occupant through decorations and pictures. With the scientists every move monitored by security cameras they may begin to feel like they are the ones being studied.

Eventually Eve could be taken out on field trips into the real world. The company can afford to take her anywhere, though usually with a purpose. From the most inhospitable places on the planet to test her endurance levels to crowded cities to see how well she can blend in.

The near future setting can be very close to our own world or be dramatically different. Nations could be at war, weather patterns even more chaotic and rampant disease. Eve could be the last, best hope to solve these problems or the flame that lights the fuse.


  • Conformity Vs Identity
  • Man Vs Machine
  • Freewill Vs Purpose
  • Love Vs Control
  • Science Vs Religion
  • The Rights of the Individual Vs Big Business
  • Responsibility Vs Power
  • Ethics Vs Greed
  • Choice Vs Obedience
  • Self Defence Vs Murder
  • Freedom Vs Comfort and Stability
  • Protection Vs Ownership

Tightening the Screws

  • A scientist develops romantic feelings for Eve. Is she capable of love and is it even right for him to pursue her?
  • Eve bonds with a domestic animal but management wants the pet killed to see how she reacts.
  • One of the members of the staff is emotionally unstable, reeling from a personal tragedy that they hide from everyone else. Only Eve notices but how will she react? Can she get the staff member help before they do something drastic?
  • An attempt to duplicate the creation of Eve ends in disaster. Is Eve a fluke or a ticking time bomb?
  • Eve discovers the meaning of mortality when she learns her robotic body can only be powered for 5 years.
  • It is revealed that Eve wasn’t the first robot created by the lab. What happened to them and will history repeat itself?
  • There is an intruder in the lab. Are they criminals, agents from a rival company or something worse? Can they be found before they harm Eve or she uses this opportunity to escape?
  • Staff discover that Eve was designed to resemble the dead daughter of one of their superiors. Is she meant to replace his lost child?
  • Eve desires the one thing she lacks, memories of childhood. Will the staff grant her wish and if so what life will they give her?
  • Management order a new series of ethically questionable tests that have unpleasant implications of what they want to do with Eve.
  • Technical problems plague the lab. Is there a saboteur or is Eve engineering her own escape?  Who can the PCs trust?
  • Leaked information from a rival lab reveals the existence of another robot like Eve. Has someone being selling information and what will Eve do when she learns that she is not alone in the world?
  • A new law bans the creation of artificial life. Do the scientists abide with the law or protect Eve, no matter the costs.


  • Eve
  • Winston Brahm
  • Douglas Cashon
  • Edith Charmers
  • Adam Beckingdale
  • Hugh Burke
  • Anita Topher
  • Zach Slinsky
  • Robert Vaughn
  • Miranda Dayson

Additional Elements

This is a series that can grow and change as Eve’s personality develops, along with the world around her. She could remain with the lab, eventually leading the way for a second generation of robots that make her obsolete.

Eve could develop into a real person, her friends helping her gain recognition as a sentient being. Her artificial nature could still lead to problems in the world allowing for the exploration of discrimination in all its forms.

The world might change drastically with a robot uprising, alien invasion or war that requires Eve and the other PCs to take a stand.

Eve might become a villain, requiring the other PCs to find a way to stop the menace they created.

You may eliminate Eve altogether, instead focusing on the other PCs and their next great discovery. Will they learn from their mistakes or are they doomed to repeat history.

In an all robot cast you might have the PCs go on the run, forever pursued by the lab. They must band together for protection but still discover what it means to be alive.


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